Our Calendar

plants in bootsThere are so many things to do with New Clevelanders!

Get involved and you will find a bunch of exceptional women with so many talents and passions. 

There are no closed groups with our club and you will always be welcome!                              

If this is the first time you have used Google calendar here are some hints:
■Directions and maps are accessible at your fingertips. Click the event, then the word map, and you will automatically be routed to Google Maps. The map will show you exactly where the activity takes place.
■If you have clicked on the word map and would like specific driving directions to the location, simply plug in your home address and click get directions. It’s so easy. Give it a try!
■Quick reference details about most activities have been embeded on the date showing the activity. To see this, just click on the pink activity box and basic information about the time and location will appear. For more details and to RSVP in real time to the hostess or activity director, simply click the more details button. You will then get more specifics and also see the email link for you to RSVP to. Click the email address and a popup email page will be created for you to let the hostess or director know you are coming! Just write your email and hit send.
■If you would like more information or help using google calendar such as syncing our New Clevelander calendar to your mobile devices, visit www.google.com/calendar.